Chris and Meg Kwoka


We met Daniel Purinton at the San Mateo Home Show in January. We were planning on remodeling our kitchen (a complete tear-out) and we were looking for a contractor with ideas.

We talked with Daniel, explained that we were just starting the process and would consider having hime come out and work with us. We met several times over the next two weeks and Daniel gave us several good ideas and designs.

However, we wanted to identify our appliances, look at different cabinet companies, and generally do additional homework. We spent the next nine weekends looking at and selecting our appliances, talking with five different kitchen designers and cabinet suppliers, selecting our granite and quartz countertop materials, etc.

We even hired a Design Consultant to help us with the layout. Finally, after two and a half months of constant weekend homework, we were ready to select a contractor.

Being a General Engineering Contractor myself, I created Specifications and solicited four bids, three from contractors where we would act as the General and supply cabinets, countertops, etc and a bid from Daniel where he would supply the cabinets, countertops, plumbing, electrical, painting, and any other subcontractor and work with us on items that we wanted to supply (granite, light fixtures, appliances, etc.).

Daniel’s price was second from the lowest and less than half the highest bid we received; and his bid was the first one we received.

We had to wait three weeks for two other bids and four weeks for the last bid. we elected to work with Daniel and it was the best decision that we could have made. The construction was completed in two weeks and the entire project was completed within 6 weeks. Work was completed in a timely fashion, inspections from the Building Department were coordinated without delay, and corrections were implemented in a timely fashion. We even had molding custom manufactured to match existing molding and this was accomplished without impacting the schedule. Changes were accommodated and additions and subtractions to the contract pricd were negotiated fairly.